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We offer professional web development, including website design, e-commerce, search engine optimization and internet marketing, especially for small businesses and non-profits. We also perform these services for individuals.

We are different from other because we are not only programmers but we are company of marketing, advertising specialists and programmers. Programmers are part of our team but not a major part of the company. During the development of a web site it is more important to develop it for the customers of their target groups and precisely formulate a proposal for them. This mean programming is an instrument but not an aim.

Why do you need order web design from us? Because our main target is to find your competitive advantage relative to others and to broadcast this information to the Internet network.

For example, for air conditioning service the main competitive advantage is not a number of brands but response time to emergency call. For a doctor not a number of diplomas but a number of accepted insurances and payment types.

Everybody tries to acquire website, but what is more important it must make revenue. With the right support of website it gives you 20-25% additional clients. You must use modern technology on your website such as e-commerce, online scheduling, online broadcast to clients about scheduled appointment or service.

Website must to be:

  1. Amazing (this is a designer’s work)
  2. Functional (this is a marketing specialist’s work)
  3. Easy-to-use and easy-to-understand (this is an advertising specialist’s work)
  4. Fast and lite (this is a programmer’s work)
  5. Easy finding by search engines (this is an SEO specialist’s work)
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